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Ford OEM evap harness to convert 2016+ Fiesta ST to 2014-2015 specs

$ 199.99 $ 225.00

Ford OEM evap harness is a direct replacement for all 2014-2015 Fiesta ST's

This evap harness can be installed on 2016-2019 Fiesta ST's as a "conversion".  By swapping the evap harness you are converting the 2016-2019 dual line evap system connected to the induction hose to a single line which is the stock configuration on the 2014-2015 Fiesta ST

100% plug and play, no codes, no issues

Installing this harness will allow 2016-2019 Fiesta ST owners to install any silicone intake hose, cold air intake kit on the market that would typically be for a 2014-2015 ONLY Fiesta ST model year.  This conversion is also an upgrade to 2016+ evap fix kits included with intakes from COBB, cp-e, MAP, Mishimoto, etc.

Please contact us with any questions you may have about this conversion 


Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Craig R
Perfect as advertised

Arrived on time, exactly as advertised, was easy to install, and did exactly what it was supposed to do. This is my first experience with Whoosh and I'll definitely be back. Thanks, guys.

Bob T
No more idle drops!

I, like many Fiesta ST owners, have experienced idle drop after fueling and more recently while waiting at a light. After two weeks of p1450 codes coming back after being wiped I decided it was time to swap out the evap harness. Bingo! No more idle drops, ever. It’s fixed the post fueling drops and the drops while waiting at lights. Also the revs holding at 850ish consistently have made it easier to roll off the clutch. Between this and ngk plugs gapped at .026 my revs are very smooth. Thanks Ron for supporting the Fiesta ST community!

Reno K
Great product

Definitely worth it!

George Vigil
100% Worth It

I needed this kit for a conversion to use with the Whoosh Short Ram Intake and Induction Hose (great setup BTW!) I purchased. When they say easily swapped they are not kidding. As I was installing I noticed that my current EVAP setup was busted and zip tied to hold the vacuum line that goes under the intake manifold. So really I was going to need to replace it anyway and this worked out ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!

Haven't gotten the CEL and am 100% confident it wont.

PLUS - That lightning fast shipping is so SATISFYING!

Ryan Griffith
Fixed my idle

My 2016 FiST would almost stall after a fill up, knew it was a bad EVAP. Picked this up, installed In about 20 minutes, painless. Fixed the idle, I now fill up without a worry.