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Bravo Alpha Performance Upgraded Fiesta ST Fuel Pump Assembly *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 650.00 $ 699.99

For those looking to run full E85 with their Fiesta ST


This is an entire assembly, ready to drop in. 

-Utilizes a Deatschwerks 9-301-1000 Full Ethanol compatible 320lph Pump capable of 600+HP 

-Allows the use of full e85 w/ Auxiliary Fuel System

-Uses modified factory basket, fuel filter relocated

-Requires Tune for full capabilities

-Includes OEM Motorcraft Fuel filter with AN Fittings

Fuel filter included MUST BE INSTALLED before HPFP at engine, must disconnect factory fuel line at engine and install filter. Please email/Message with ANY questions.

This is a replacement for our older AEM fuel pump setup. Stock fuel filter assembly has two MAJOR RESTRICTIONS built into it, preventing any aftermarket pump to be able to perform to its fullest. A single 2.5mm hole limits fuel entering the factory bowl/housing. This NEW SETUP eliminated these restrictions, but requires a separate filter to be installed (which is included) at the engine. Now this setup is capable of 600+HP. On another note this DW-300 pump is much higher in both quality and performance than the previously included AEM pump.


Built to Order, please allow 5-8 days for shipment

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