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Go Fast Bits VTA(vent to atmosphere) DV+ with BLOW OFF VALVE SOUND! *FREE SHIPPING* 2014+ Fiesta ST

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VTA (vent to atmosphere) Go Fast Bits DV+ Performance with Blow Off Valve Sound!

installation download HERE

If you want sound with your performance (or performance with your sound!), GFB’s VTA delivers just that! By combining the proven performance benefits of our ground-breaking DV+ with atmosphere venting, the VTA delivers an aggressive blow-off sound, improved throttle response and boost recovery, as well as superior boost holding and reliability in extreme conditions.

The VTA shares the successful DV+ design philosophy:

“Keep what works, replace what doesn’t”

This means we retain ECU control and the solenoid from the factory diverter to ensure the fastest possible response time, without the added and unnecessary cost of replacing the solenoid like some brands do.

The weak part of the factory diverter has always been the plastic valve mechanism – this is the part we replace. The VTA features CNC machined billet components that last a lifetime, and we also change the valve operation method for better performance. The factory diverter valve can only operate in two states – open, or closed. When it opens fully at low boost, or during a partial throttle lift mid-corner, it causes increased lag and a noticeably non-linear boost transition.

GFB pioneered the use of “pilot operation” in the DV+, which works by re-purposing the factory solenoid to control the pressure behind the piston rather than the piston itself. This allows the solenoid stroke to be much shorter, speeding up the response time and increasing the actuation force. More importantly, it allows the piston to open and close progressively in response to the amount of boost pressure present, which smooths boost transitions and reduces the lag caused by the factory diverter valve.

It is this design philosophy that makes the VTA not only the best performing blow off valve solution, but also the best value on the market.

Key features:

  • TMS Technology for faster boost recovery on gearshift and during throttle modulation
  • Improved boost holding ability
  • Atmosphere venting for blow-off sound
  • Retains ECU control
  • Simple, direct bolt-on kits include everything you need to install
  • Manufactured in Australia in accordance with ISO 9001
  • Fits Fiesta ST 2014-2019 & Mustang ecoboost

VTA or DV+?

Depends if you want sound or not. Both valves are constructed with the same quality materials and valve mechanism, and both offer the same performance and reliability benefits. However, the VTA vents to atmosphere for sound whilst the DV+ recirculates the air to keep it quiet.

Why choose a VTA over a “BOV spacer”?

“BOV spacers” are cheap and they make sound. But that’s it. All the inherent performance and reliability issues you get with the factory diverter valve remain, because a spacer doesn’t change the diverter valve in any way. The VTA improves the operation of the diverter valve for sound AND performance.

Why choose a VTA over a kit that includes a solenoid?

Because there’s no performance benefit to replacing the factory solenoid, only a much higher price! If a VTA with the factory solenoid can open in a couple of hundredths of a second, why pay more than you need to?

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Add some flare with GFB DV reliability

Had been running my stock diverter valve until I purchase this, holds boost much better than stock and has a good spring with a brass pin vs the stock plastic. Install is simple and quick. Car feels much different now in a good way. If you want that blow off sound with great performance skip the spacer and get this unit.

Great quality

I love GFB and Whoosh; great build quality and super fast arrival

It does seem that it holds boost better with the upgraded spring and plunger, and *seems* to spool up a bit quicker.

But this isn't quite as loud as I was hoping. Coming from the boomba spacer (PPSSSSSSHHHH) to this, which is more of a whisper (whaisp) under ~7psi, and anything over (closer to 10psi) it's like the quietest PSH the spacer has, for about 1/2 a second.

Again, nothing against GFB or Whoosh, just not nearly as loud as I thought.

Arem Rasp
Turbo noises!

Install was easy. I already had the stock airintake and turbo inlet off the car when I installed this. Otherwise it would have been much more difficult. It bolted right on with no issues on my 2019 Fiesta st. The sound this thing makes is 100% worth the purchase! It also holds boost so much better than the stock diverter valve.

GFB DV+ VTA. Install...

I just installed this GFB DV+ VTA, very easy install, came with step by step instructions, I've personally felt the difference in boost hold, makes a nice swoosh, sound , better pedal response, i give it 2 thumbs up !

Ryan D
Loud whoosh but holds boost!

While not everyone likes a loud whooshing sound from their bov, many of us do. This part directly replaces the top of the stock valve with an upgraded spring and metal piston.(in a new housing) This allows it to hold more boost and only eject excess boost. You get the nice loud vent that you would on a BOV adapter, but also some lesser venting sounds when not enough boost needs to be vented. Everything is progressive. The really nice thing about this item is that you will hold most boost higher up on the rev range as stock will typically leak.