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Turbosmart EM BOV Dual Port VR2 Fiesta ST 2014-2019 *FREE SHIPPING*

Turbosmart EM BOV Dual Port VR2 Fiesta ST 2014-2019 *FREE SHIPPING*

$ 259.99 $ 288.83
The Kompact EM series combines world leading electronics and 20 years of blow off valve technology together to provide rapid response. The EM series is a true plug and play upgrade for OE electronic diverter valves. Featuring patent-pending pressure control, these units are faster than OE, don't leak and don't interfere with OE control systems.
Fitting Instructions can be found HERE

    • Patent pending integrated pressure control

    • True plug and play upgrade

    • Responds 57 times faster than a blink of an eye

    • Integrated proprietary high-temperature solenoid valve

    • Billet construction with high temperature o-rings

    • Available in plumb back or dual port options

    • Leak-free design, over 400% compared to OE

The unique patent pending pressure control allows for the fastest responding valve on the market, a true plug and play upgrade diverter valve without additional hardware required, no hoses, no adapters, no brackets, just replace the standard unit.

Billet construction and high temp proprietary materials allow for minimal leakage and maximum performance
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews Write a review

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Mason Reinle
So loud so good

That bolt closest to the front bumper sucked but all together totally worth it, absolutely love it

This thing is a blast!

Just installed on my '19 fist. I was expecting unbearable loud from other reviews it definitely is just right. Didn't mess around removing the wheel just ran it up on ramps and pulled the hot side IC pipe and belt cover and there's plenty of room. I used a 5mm ball end key and it was a snap clearing the larger bell end of the new bov. Pay attention to the inside of the new plug I can see where you might get it backwards but there is a flat side and a roundish side. Mine came with some mesh cable cover on the wires that's nice looking compared to the product description photos of just the wires. I love it thanks whoosh!

Works and sounds amazing

This has still been one of my favorite purchases for my fiesta. It sounds and works amazing.

Chris Bombo
Quality product, clean loud BOV sound.

Installed with the help of a friend this past weekend. Had some fitments issues with the supplied O Ring but made it work. BOV sound is super clean and louder than expected which isn't a bad thing imo. Turbo seems more responsive after shifting.

Thomas Marks

A worhty upgrade investment. Install took me less than 1 hour including moving cars and jacking. The shield for the serp belt needs to be removed (2 torx screws) and I recommend a 5mm 1/4 drive hex wobble socket 3 inches long. Part is on Amazon for $8. Use that with an extension and it is fast as an oil change. Make sure the flat part on the Turbosmart BOV base (per directions) is pointed toward the turbo wheel. Upgraded turbo response, holds the boost, and love that Pshhhh!