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whoosh motorsports Trac-Spec Extrude Honed turbo manifold 2014-2019 Fiesta ST

$ 575.00

The whoosh motorsports Trac-Spec manifold starts life as a stock 1.6L Ford cast manifold.  The first process is a Level 1 Extrude Hone which is basically abrasive putty that is pressed through the part under extremely high pressure to remove casting imperfections, increase internal size, and of course increase airflow.

The manifold then goes through a Level 2 process which is a hand blending of the 4 individual ports so the head to turbo manifold gasket is matched perfectly.

The last process for our manifold is a 2000 degree Cerakote ceramic coating in Satin black. 

Our manifolds will yield a estimated minimum of 10-15 whp and 5-10 wtq over the stock manifold (based off results of a competing manifold with far less modifications)

Our maximum effort manifold will easily help extract every ounce of power from your whoosh hybrid turbo as well as any other hybrid or big turbo that utilizes the OEM Fiesta turbo flange.

Why add this much cost and effort into a stock type cast manifold?  That's easy!

Many aftermarket manifolds available utilize longer runners with claims of spool  and power improvement when in fact the result can be the opposite.  Our decision to put effort into maximizing the stock design came after many failed attempts of designs and tests from a very reputable source in the UK determined the stock manifold configuration works best for any turbo that utilizes the small OEM Fiesta 3 bolt flange.

Dyno testing results will be available within a few weeks with the whoosh Trac-Spec manifold combined with the Trac-Spec hybrid turbo - stay tuned!

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