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XClutch Performance Clutch kits 2014-2019 Fiesta ST

$ 1,099.99 $ 1,226.37

The XClutch range of performance upgrade kits are designed predominantly for street use with some kits available for motorsport applications. The kits are designed in-house and normally utilize a single plate organic, ceramic or carbon friction disc along with a upgraded factory style pressure plate. These kits all utilise a similar mechanism to the factory clutch, making them ideal upgrades for most vehicles with low to mid level performance modifications. For very high horsepower applications, it may be necessary to move into the motorsport range.

Stage 1A Sprung Organic Disc (rated too 460 ft/lbs): The XClutch sprung organic range has been specifically designed for street vehicles that have minor engine and general performance modifications. These kits offer a sprung organic friction disc that allows for great driveability whilst offering improved clamping force through the use of an performance pressure plate.

Stage 3 Sprung Carbon DiscThe stage 3 carbon clutch range is designed to provide the highest heat capacity for track vehicles. These kits are commonly used in time attack, drag racing, rally and circuit applications. The kits are supplied with a four paddle carbon friction disc with a new sprung center. 

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